Red River Presbytery

Red River Presbytery consists of churches in Oklahoma and North Central Texas. It is an association of ordained ministers and the elders elected to represent member churches.

What is a Presbytery?

A presbytery is formed by all ministers within a given area, together with one or more elders appointed by each of the congregations of the area.  The presbytery is responsible for ordaining, installing, removing, or transferring ministers.  Ordinarily, churches  choose their own pastor, but the presbytery must approve and install the pastor in office. Additional information as related to the presbyteries in the churches in the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches is available in the Confession Of Faith of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Click the button below for access to the Confession of Faith of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Getting in touch with us

Rev. Wes Johnson – Stated Clerk of Red River Presbytery.

Rev. Jeff Gehle – Moderator of Red River Presbytery.

Rev. Dusty Luthy – Vice-Moderator of Red River Presbytery.

Brandon Bolin – Treasurer of Red River Presbytery.

Randy Davidson – Chair, Board of Trustees of Red River Presbytery.